I enjoy working with families and seeing the joy, emotional connections and love that has been woven together through time. Capturing this through the lens of the camera is a privilege for me.

Weatherford Family 2019 FINALS-1632

Stroup Newborn FINALS-8910

Stahler Family 2019 FINALS-2041

Connolly Family FINALS-2574

Shaw, Family FINALS-7413

Shunk Family 2019 FINALS-8775

Heidrich Family 2020 FINALS-9557

Hazelton Family 2019 FINALS-3309

Gray Family 2019 FINALS-6243

Shaw, Family FINALS-6860

Reeder Family_SSDDP-0730

Hall Family 2019 FINALS-7817

Linder Family 2019 FINALS-8299

Lichlyter-Klein Family 2019 FINALS-5207.

Koeniger Family FINALS-2436

Johnson Family_SSD-55

Hilderbrand Family FINAL_SSDDP-9943

Hall Family 2019 FINALS-6997

Gross Family FINALS-7000


briomag SDS FINALS-8448

Connolly Family FINALS-2288

Cooper Family_SSDDP-1310

Vilapando Family 2019 FINALS-2147

Weatherford Family 2019 FINALS-1671

Cooper Family_SSDDP-1176

Connolly Family FINALS-2190

Weatherford Family 2019 FINALS-1607

Shaw, Family FINALS-7424

Stahler Family 2019 FINALS-1949

Connolly Family FINALS-2634

Mulloy Family 2019 FINALS-4610

Linder Family 2019 FINALS-8752

Phelps Family 2019 FINALS-5505

Henry Family 2019 FINALS-7949

Johnson Family_SSD-79

Herebic Family 2019 FINALS-8014

Vasquez Family Extended 2019 FINALS-2653

Jennings Family 2019 FINALS-9579

Stroup Newborn FINALS-9100

Phelps Family 2019 FINALS-5161

Roth Family 2018 FINALS-2830

Weatherford Family 2019 FINALS-1310

Shunk Family 2019 FINALS-8825

Mulloy Family 2019 FINALS-4500

Vasquez Family Extended 2019 FINALS-2316

Vilapando Family 2019 FINALS-2182

Williams Family 2019 FINALS-9584

Vencer Family Extended 2019 FINALS-0510.

Sanderson Family 2018 FINALS-2025

Nuechterlein Family FINALS-0797

Weatherford Family FINALS-8165

BMV elyn thomas FINALS-1549

Linder Family 2016 FINALS-4385

Daniel Family 2018 FINALS-9485

Harrison Family 2018 FINALS-0012

Hazleton Extended FINALS-9882

Nuechterlein Family FINALS-0901

Phelps Family 2019 FINALS-5345

Johnson Family_SSD-114

Hazelton, Family 2018 FINALS-5666

Herebic Family 2018 FINALS-9484

Miller Family 2019 FINALS-3080

Linder Family 2016 FINALS-4041

Hoffmann Family 2018 FINALS-7499

Loseke Family FINALS-7707

Meifert Extended FINALS-3301

Stroup Newborn FINALS-9200

Poteet Family 2018 FINALS-7295

Roth Family 2018 FINALS-3076

Sanderson Family 2018 FINALS-2025

Shunk Family 2018 FINALS-9011

Stahler, Family 2018 FINALS-5482

Britton Family FINALS-4426

Linder Family 2017 FINALS-7113

Abbott Family FINALS-3045

Martinez Family FINALS-0283

Meifert Extended FINALS-4070

Ramey Extended Family FINALS-9135

Sanderson Family 2017 FINALS-0405

Hale Family_SSDDP-4319

Shaw Family FINALS-8431

Shunk Family FINALS-5653

Trenker Extended Family FINALS-6539

Daniel Family FINALS-2086

Vencer Family FINALS-9861

Williams Family 2017 FINALS-7728

Gross Family FINALS-7107

Lichlyter Extended Family FINAL_SSDDP-0833

Koeniger Family FINALS-2573

Heidrich Family FINALS-0710

Butler Family FINALS-4175

Sanderson Family_SSDDP-4184.jpg

Kaufman Family FINALS-8351

Henry Family 2017 FINALS-8926

Vencer Family Extended 2019 FINALS-0781.

Hazelton Family FINALS-2773

Poteet Family FINALS-7991

Britton Family FINALS-4402

Wiliams Family FINALS-4646

Cooper Family_SSDDP-1382.jpg

Roth Family FINAL_SSDDP-3656

Hazelton Family FINALS-2882

Vasquez Extended Family FINALS-8241




Herrera Family_SSDDP-6479.jpg




Bradshaw Family FINAL_SSDDP-5347

Shaw Family FINAL_SSDDP-2437

Osko Family_SSDDP-6898.jpg


Vasquez Family_4x6_SSD-6160.jpg


Graves Family_SSDDP-2886




Kallberg Family_4x6_SSDDP-3426.jpg

Vasquez Family Extended_SSDDP-2125.jpg


Vasquez Family_4x6_SSD-6131.jpg



Wait Family_SSD-6488.jpg

Vasquez Family Extended_SSDDP-1583.jpg

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