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It’s rewarding how different each session becomes when I capture the unique personality and interests in a High School senior. My portraits tell a story of who they are as an individual.

Colodny, Micah SR SELECTS-3460
Tabor, Tasha SR FINALS-8092
Shaw, Zoey SR FINALS-8613
Jennings, Taylor SR SELECTS-4414
Isaacs, Jackson SR SSDDP-SELECTS-9267
Jennings, Taylor SR SELECTS-4187
Haley, Brenner SR FINALS-9855
Isaacs, Jackson SR SSDDP-SELECTS-8825
Shaw, Zoey SR FINALS-8712
McBride, Lexy SR FINALS-3984
Whiting, Devon SR SELECTS-3395
Haley, Brenner SR FINALS-0398
Jennings, Taylor SR SELECTS-5863
Whiting, Devon SR SELECTS-2946
Shaw, Zoey SR FINALS-8348
Chase, Cam & Kenzie SSDDP-FINALS-2343
Haley, Brenner SR FINALS-6937
Colodny, Micah SR SELECTS-3427
Chase, Cam & Kenzie SSDDP-FINALS-2290
Chase, Cam & Kenzie SSDDP-FINALS-2216
Jennings, Taylor SR SELECTS-4672
McBride, Lexy SR FINALS-3752
Colodny, Micah SR SELECTS-3228
Betz, Katie SR FINALS-7224
Haley, Brenner SR FINALS-0368
Whiting, Devon SR SELECTS-3127
Tabor, Tasha SR FINALS-7753
Kennedy Dunn SR 2019 FINALS-6628
Colodny, Micah SR SELECTS-3182
Shay, Kaylyn SR SELECTS-2922
Jennings, Taylor SR SELECTS-5425
Shaw, Zoey SR FINALS-8276
Mettler, Matt SR SELECTS-1698
Colodny, Micah SR SELECTS-2929
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-7208
Shay, Kaylyn SR SELECTS-3183
Emily Butler Senior SELECTS-2763
McBride, Lexy SR FINALS-4038
Whiting, Devon SR SELECTS-3483
Guilzon, Noah SR SELECTS-8916
Shaw, Zoey SR FINALS-8755
Colodny, Micah SR SELECTS-3549
Whiting, Devon SR SELECTS-3369
Whiting, Devon SR SELECTS-3288
Geertsema, Jenaya SELECTS-9725
Tabor, Tasha SR FINALS-8101
Geertsema, Andrew SR FINALS-7769
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-7261
McBride, Lexy SR FINALS-3724
Anna Cole_SSD-3914
Isaacs, Jackson SR SSDDP-SELECTS-8995
Tabor, Tasha SR FINALS-2887
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-4469
Chase, Cam & Kenzie SSDDP-FINALS-2094
Shaw, Zoey SR FINALS-8446
Haley, Brenner SR FINALS-0361
Gasak, Ryan FINALS-2737
Jennings, Taylor SR SELECTS-4492
Gasak, Ryan FINALS-2497
Jennings, Taylor SR SELECTS-4796
Haley, Brenner SR FINALS-6577
Shay, Kaylyn SR SELECTS-3277
McBride, Lexy SR FINALS-3822
Betz, Katie SR FINALS-7044
McBride, Lexy SR FINALS-4348
Chase, Cam & Kenzie SSDDP-FINALS-2500
Gasak, Ryan FINALS-2399
Isaacs, Jackson SR SSDDP-SELECTS-9212
Shay, Kaylyn SR SELECTS-3144
Kennedy Dunn SR 2019 FINALS-6962
Isaacs, Jackson SR SSDDP-SELECTS-9383
Mettler, Matt SR SELECTS-1567
Emily Butler Senior SELECTS-2216
Gasak, Ryan FINALS-2606
Kennedy Dunn SR 2019 FINALS-6560
Isaacs, Jackson SR SSDDP-SELECTS-8953
Dunn, Chris FINAL_SSDDP-3969
Anna Cole_SSD-3833
Chase, Cam & Kenzie SSDDP-FINALS-2605
Geertsema, Andrew SR FINALS-7918
Kennedy Dunn SR 2019 FINALS-6865
Chase, Cam & Kenzie SSDDP-FINALS-2094
Shay, Kaylyn SR SELECTS-3556
Chase, Cam & Kenzie SSDDP-FINALS-2216
Cilento, Alexys SR FINALS-3146
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-7086
Cilento, Alexys SR FINALS-9163
Cilento, Alexys SR SELECTS-9072
Shay, Kaylyn SR SELECTS-2848
Chase, Cam & Kenzie SSDDP-FINALS-2343
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-4407
Cilento, Alexys SR SELECTS-2919
Cilento, Alexys SR SELECTS-3002 yearbook
Betz, Katie SR FINALS-7381
Geertsema, Jenaya SELECTS-9289
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-4467
chatman, olivia FINAL-2076
Mettler, Matt SR SELECTS-1869
Anna Cole_SSD-3968
chatman, olivia FINAL-2452
Emily Butler Senior SELECTS-2502
Geertsema, Jenaya SELECTS-9408
Brown, Clara & Gabe SR SELECTS-0978
Brown, Clara & Gabe SR SELECTS-1399
Betz, Lizzy SR SELECTS-7895
Guilzon, Noah SR SELECTS-9213
Betz, Lizzy SR SELECTS-7544
Berriman, Michael SELECTS-1625
Berriman, Michael SELECTS-1559
Mcilhany, Conner SR FINALS-2216
chatman, olivia FINAL-2362
Geertsema, Andrew SR FINALS-8108
Wright, Ellie FINALS-3434
Shay, Kaylyn SR SELECTS-3384
Watkins, Sterling FAVS-3742
Isaacs, Grace SR FINALS-7951
Chatman, Olivia SELECTS-2307
Cilento, Alexys SR SELECTS-2919
Emily Butler Senior SELECTS-2312
Gasak, Ryan FINALS-2399
Gasak, Ryan FINALS-2737
Wheeler, Corrine SR SELECTS-1405
Isaacs, Grace SR FINALS-8610
Mcilhany, Conner SR FINALS-2184
Haley, Bennett SR SELECTS-7020
Gasak, Ryan FINALS-2606
Chatman, Olivia SELECTS-2138
Mcilhany, Conner SR FINALS-2057
Isaacs, Grace SR FINALS-8395
Shaw, Bailey SR SELECTS-6197
Geertsema, Jenaya SELECTS-9472
Toohey, Dylan SR FINALS-3397
Brianne Berriman_SSDDP-6143.jpg
Toohey, Dylan SR FINALS-3201
Cilento, Alexys SR SELECTS-3020
Wheeler, Corrine SR SELECTS-0840
Brown, Clara & Gabe SR SELECTS-1613
Cilento, Alexys SR SELECTS-3074
Shaw, Bailey SR SELECTS-6234
Berriman, Michael SELECTS-1355
Isaacs, Grace SR FINALS-7953
Noblitt, Tyler SELECTS-5892
Herold, Mackensey SELECTS-5419
Westlake, Nathaniel SR SELECTS-0526
Geertsema, Jenaya SELECTS-9339
Watkins, Sterling FAVS-3517
Wheeler, Corrine SR SELECTS-1090
Haley, Bennett SR SELECTS-3198
Cilento, Alexys SR SELECTS-3146
chatman, olivia FINAL-2021
Noblitt, Tyler SELECTS-5759
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-4680.jpg
Noblitt, Tyler SELECTS-7522
Isaacs, Grace SR FINALS-8548
Watkins, Sterling FAVS-3606
Betz, Lizzy SR SELECTS-7634
Lynn, Katie SELECTS-1891
Isaacs, Grace SR FINALS-8133
Wright, Ellie FINALS-3588
Westlake, Nathaniel SR SELECTS-0287
Haley, Bennett SR SELECTS-6869
Watkins, Sterling FAVS-3838
Lynn, Katie SELECTS-1748
Geertsema, Jenaya SELECTS-9231
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-7137.jpg
Presley Johnson_SSD-4608.jpg
Berriman, Michael SELECTS-1499
chatman, olivia FINAL-2404
Wright, Ellie FINALS-3458
Haley, Bennett SR SELECTS-2771
Murphy Smalley Senior_SSDDP-5014.jpg
Geertsema, Jenaya SELECTS-9646
Jake Sims_SSDDP-8270.jpg
Brianne Berriman_SSDDP-5603.jpg
Haley, Bennett SR SELECTS-2928
Geertsema, Jenaya SELECTS-9289
Murphy Smalley Senior_SSDDP-5113.jpg
Brianne Berriman_SSDDP-7757.jpg
Lynn, Katie SELECTS-1872
Shelby Isaacs_SSDDP-9608.jpg
Krager, Tessa SELECTS-0799
Berriman, Michael SELECTS-1315
Emily Butler Senior SELECTS-2763
Noblitt, Tyler SELECTS-5807
Lynn, Katie SELECTS-1583
Haley, Bennett SR SELECTS-6620
Presley Johnson_SSD-4633.jpg
Berriman, Michael SELECTS-1559
Lynn, Katie SELECTS-1510
Herold, Mackensey SELECTS-5722
Haley, Bennett SR SELECTS-2737
Betz, Lizzy SR SELECTS-7833
Herold, Mackensey SELECTS-5633
Krager, Tessa SELECTS-1312
Shelby Isaacs_SSDDP-9923.jpg
Berriman, Michael SELECTS-1492
chatman, olivia FINAL-2324
Betz, Lizzy SR SELECTS-7810
Emily Butler Senior SELECTS-2174
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-4407.jpg
chatman, olivia FINAL-2138
Presley Johnson_SSD-4953.jpg
chatman, olivia FINAL-2277
Anna Cole_SSD-3936.jpg
Emily Butler Senior SELECTS-2502
Betz, Lizzy SR SELECTS-7967
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-7230.jpg
Murphy Smalley Senior_SSDDP-0424.jpg
Anna Cole_SSD-3749.jpg
Herold, Mackensey SELECTS-5244
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-7290.jpg
Shelby Isaacs_SSDDP-9699.jpg
Murphy Smalley Senior_SSDDP-5289.jpg
Jake Sims_SSDDP-8570.jpg
Geertsema, Abby_SSDDP-4467.jpg
Jake Sims_SSDDP-8408.jpg
Murphy Smalley Senior_SSDDP-5023.jpg
Presley Johnson_SSD-4653.jpg
Anna Cole_SSD-3833.jpg
Brianne Berriman_SSDDP-5819.jpg
Murphy Smalley Senior_SSDDP-4879.jpg
Anna Cole_SSD-3816.jpg
Jake Sims_SSDDP-8353.jpg
SSD-2911with text.jpg
Brianne Berriman_SSDDP-7866.jpg
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