The More Personal Me

I'm not going to tell you what coffee i drink, my favorite dessert or that you can read the awards i have won. Yes, i went to school for design and photography—but i enjoy what i do. i am wired to be a creative. i have funneled my strengths into the design and photography professional industries.

Even though my desk is always a little messy and i go to garage sales looking for photography props. The best part is I have a husband who supports me and is creative as well as a producer, writer, and talent coach. We do make a good team even with our creative kids too.

I am hard working, honest, problem solver creative with a big heart that is honored to be doing what i am doing. I'm not in the industry to prove something, i am content with me—Distinct in what i do, Dependable in how i deliver it, and Diverse in the variety of work.

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